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Canada’s beef track record is impressive. It has been 170 years since the first ranch was established in British Columbia, and today there are over 60,000 farms and ranches across the country producing signature beef for export and local consumption. While our herds are hardy, they are not immune to health challenges. The Beef Cattle Surveillance group rounds up essential information related to potential risks as well as opportunities to promote this key industry. Together, industry, government, and service provider representatives explore the opportunities and challenges of coordinating and strengthening beef surveillance systems in Canada.

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Beef Stakeholder Map

The CAHSS Beef Network includes members from all areas from the beef sector, including industry and veterinary associations, academia, laboratories, and provincial and federal governments.

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Animal Health Insights

A podcast series from CAHSS that connects producers, veterinarians, and pet owners on topics of animal health, disease surveillance, and disease management practices across Canada.