CAHSS Small Ruminant Network

CAHSS contributes to the continued protection of the health and welfare of Canada’s small ruminant herds. The CAHSS small ruminant network was created in early 2016 and meets quarterly or as required via teleconference. Recognizing that disease is a major limiting factor to animal health and welfare, as well as the livelihood of Canada’s small ruminant industry, we monitor and share information to strengthen the industry as a whole.

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Small Ruminant Stakeholder Map

The CAHSS Small Ruminant Network includes members from all areas of the small ruminant sector, including industry, veterinary associations, laboratories, conservation, centers of expertise and research groups, and more.

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External Resources

Links to Canadian small ruminant resources.
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Animal Health Insights

Animal Health Insights is a podcast series from CAHSS that serves as a useful tool to connect producers, veterinarians and pet owners on topics of animal health, disease surveillance and disease management practices across Canada.