Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System

CAHSS brings together and uses data-driven information to demonstrate animal health, minimize impacts of disease, and guide planning on national animal health priorities.

Philosophy and Principles

Our Philosophy

CAHSS is a network of animal health surveillance networks. Individual network groups are self-organizing and linked through CAHSS by shared purpose and principles.

Core Principles

A shared national vision leading to effective, responsive, integrated animal health surveillance in Canada.

Principles of Practice

  • Support the protection of animal health, public health, and economic prosperity

  • Accept the use of farmed animals in agriculture

  • Consider the balance between scientific rigour and the practicality of the real world

  • Encourage openness, collaboration and innovation

  • Resolve conflict compassionately, productively, cooperatively and respectfully

  • Freely and fully exchange information relevant to the Purpose while respecting confidentiality

  • Provide clarity in communications by providing relevant background and contextual information 

Principles of Organization

  • Individuals or groups subscribing to the Purpose and Principles are eligible for Owning Membership and participation

  • Groups can self-organize around activities consistent with the Purpose and Principles; innovation and flexibility are encouraged

  • Methods used for deliberations and decisions reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties

  • Participating network members retain full authority to independently manage and implement their own roles, resources and priorities

  • Members agree to consult with other network members to find efficiencies and avoid unintended impacts on others