Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System

CAHSS brings together and uses data-driven information to demonstrate animal health, minimize impacts of disease, and guide planning on national animal health priorities.

CAHSS approach, focus & vision

Established in 2015, CAHSS is focused on animal health information. We are committed to using data collection and analysis to stay on top of trends, minimize potential impacts, and gain further insight.

Our Vision

Improved animal health outcomes, better response to emerging diseases, heightened consumer and public health confidence, and continued market access.

Collaborative Approach

CAHSS is a distinct division of Animal Health Canada. We are an independent, member-driven network of networks with broad based support from industry and governments. Working together across geographic regions, animal types, and health topics, we strive for effective, responsive and integrated animal health in Canada.

Strategic Focus

Health and productivity data inspire confidence. As we share information and monitor the presence, absence or emergence of disease, we are better able to protect our animals, industry and economy. With the help of our partners, CAHSS aims to:

  • Encourage and support our networks with expertise and experience

  • Foster open communications within and across the systems and networks

  • Enable online information sharing through provision of catalogued resources and other surveillance infrastructure

  • Facilitate the development of social networks to share health intelligence with stakeholders

  • Build capacity for timely activation of coordinated surveillance networks in response to animal health events

  • Shared Progress

Driven by discovery and empowered by connections, CAHSS works with across Canada including:

  • National, Provincial & Regional Agricultural Producer and Industry Organizations

  • Federal, Provincial & Territorial Governments

  • Regional & Animal-type Surveillance Networks

  • Community for Emerging & Zoonotic Diseases

  • Council of Chief Veterinary Officers

  • Animal Health Laboratories

  • Veterinary Surveillance & Epidemiology Network

  • Public Health Authorities

  • Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative