Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System

The Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) is a division of Animal Health Canada with broad based collaborative support of industry and governments. The CAHSS Governance Charter follows a network governance model. The CAHSS Steering group, which includes representatives of industry and government, oversees the day to day work of CAHSS. Within each CAHSS animal and topic-focused networks, network leads and members collaborate to share information and advance work on animal health surveillance.

Administration and Funding

A Division of Animal Health Canada

CAHSS is proud to be a division of Animal Health Canada.

Other Animal Health Canada divisions and projects include;

the Animal Health Emergency Management Project,

the National Farm Animal Care Council,

and Canadian Livestock Transport

Funding Support

Funding for the CAHSS Enhanced Collaboration, Data Integration, Analysis and Reporting project has been provided through the AgriAssurance Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.




An infographic showing CAHSS within the organizational structure of AHC.

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A description of the transition of CAHSS to AHC (formerly NFAHW Council) oversight is available for review.

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Governance Charter

The Governance Charter  outlines the organization's collaborative "network of network" structure, as well as the organization's vision, purpose and principles. 

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Strategic Plan

The 2020 to 2025 Strategic Plan aims to bring together and utilize data-driven information to demonstrate animal health, minimize impacts of disease and guide surveillance planning from a national perspective.

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CAHSS Podcasts

An online podcast series from CAHSS helps to provide a quick overview of the Governance Charter and Strategic Plan. This podcast series is available in English and French.