Animal Health Surveillance in Canada

A Network of Networks

Since its inception in 2015, CAHSS was designed as a network of networks to build on established animal health surveillance initiatives. Today, each primary CAHSS network revolves around a specific issue or animal type. Primary networks are linked together through 'all CAHSS' events and network leadership groups to share information and best practices for surveillance. Groups and individuals that are involved in animal health surveillance in Canada and support the CAHSS principles can become network members. Participation is voluntary. Currently, industry and veterinary associations and their members, and federal-provincial-territorial governments including agriculture and animal health, public health and environment are active in CAHSS.

Observe - Connect - Detect - Protect

Who participates in CAHSS?

CAHSS is an initiative of Animal Health Canada, with broad based support of industry and government.

 CAHSS is proud to work with the following partners: 

  • Provincial, Regional & Species Surveillance Network

  • National, Provincial & Regional Producer and Industry Associations

  • Federal, Provincial & Territorial Governments

  • Council of Chief Veterinary Officers

  • Community for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases

  • Veterinary Surveillance & Epidemiology Networks

  • Animal Health Laboratories 

  • Public Health Authorities

  • Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative 

How does CAHSS function as a network of networks?

Each CAHSS animal species and topic-focused network comes together regularly to share information in a cross-Canada roundtable, and to prioritize and work on surveillance activities. New ideas and projects to enhance surveillance are highlighted across the networks. Important animal health information is shared across networks when needed.


Animal Health Surveillance In Canada


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