Animal Health Surveillance Information for Smallholders

Smallholder farms are diverse systems. Canada's smallholder farms keep many animal types, including poultry, small ruminants, pigs, cattle and horses. Smallholder farms may focus on organic, biodynamic, or other specialized approaches to rearing animals, as well as diverse markets for their farm products. The CAHSS smallholder page brings together resources to support the health and welfare of animals reared on smallholder farms across Canada.



Information for smallholder farmers

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Smallholder Working Group

Started in 2020, this working group brings together representatives from producer groups along with federal, provincial and territorial governments to share information about animal health, and plan activities to protect animals kept on smallholder farms from infectious diseases. 

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Animal Health Insights

A podcast series from CAHSS that connects producers, veterinarians, and pet owners on topics of animal health, disease surveillance, and disease management practices across Canada.

Smallholder webinar series


Update on HPAI and Small Flock Poultry - March 15, 2022. Speakers included Brenda Reimer and Drs. Barb Wilhelm, Gigi Lin, Hollyn Malloney, Theresa Burns, Tyra Dickson, and Victoria Bowes. This recorded webinar was organized by WeCAHN and CAHSS.


Smallholder swine

Across Canada, many organizations are working to strengthen access to veterinary and management information and services for smallholder swine producers. A few initiatives are highlighted here. More can be found in the CAHSS tools by selecting the production system 'smallholding'. Veterinarians or other animal health professionals can join CAHSS to access even more information.

Manuals and information

Canadian Small Scale Pig Farming Manual from the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians

British Columbia Small Lot Pork Production Manual

Ontario Small Scale Pig Production Resources

Ontario Pig Health Check-up Consultation Checklist

Ontario Pig Health Check-up Consultation Booklet

Podcast: Maximizing Swine Health in Alternative Production Settings (produced by the Western Canadian Animal Health Network)

Small Scale Pig Farming Website

Subsidized Veterinary Care

Alberta Small-Scale Swine Disease Investigations

Saskatchewan Small Holder Swine Health Surveillance Program

Production Economics and Budget Calculator

BC Small Lot Production Manual - Production Economics (Section 3)

BC Pork Enterprise Budget Calculator